Here Are the Top Missions From All Major Hitman Games


The Hitman series has proven to the world that it is possible to create a very sick game that will have insane success all over the world. We’re saying that in a positive way, if there is any!

We’re talking about a stealth game series that features Agent 47, a genetically-engineered assassin who doesn’t manifest any remorse while looking to eliminate his targets. The fans might argue that he changed a bit in Hitman: Absolution, but we’re not here to talk about exceptions.

Agent 47 is evil to the core, and he never hesitates to prove it. He’s the kind of psychopath who would kill you in your sleep. He just executes the order he receives.

The Hitman series has brought many memorable missions, and today we’re proud to present you what we consider the most interesting ones:

Dubai – Hitman 3

This is the very first mission available in Hitman 3, and it’s proof that the latest iteration of the series is starting in a great manner. Are you eager for some skydiving and to see the latest skyscraper in Dubai? In the Dubai mission of Hitman 3, you can get them both! There’s also some hacking that Agent 47 has to do here, meaning that he’s becoming even more bad-ass than before!

Berlin – Hitman 3

The mission in Berlin is also called Apex Predator. Name it how you want; it’s surely one of the most difficult missions in Hitman 3! Your mission is to eliminate a few targets from some huge crowds. The ‘playground’ will be a nightclub that was supposed to be a power plant. How insane is that?

Mumbai – Hitman 2

Mumbai indeed features a map that’s hard as hell. There’s no wonder why many consider it to be one of the hardest in Hitman 2. But that’s the whole beauty of the map! In Mumbai, Agent 47 will get to achieve some of the most spectacular assassinations or fail trying.

Paris – Hitman 1

You can also call this mission The Showstopper. Agent 47’s job here is to infiltrate a mansion in order to eliminate two joint hosts of a Sanguine fashion show. Taking down the two individuals can require plenty of attention to detail and hard work. For instance, one of them is Viktor Novikov, a fellow who will be hard to take down because he always want the attention of others. He can’t stand to be alone, which is a problem even for Agent 47 as he doesn’t need anyone around to witness his unorthodox work.

Marrakesh – Hitman 1

Things get complicated once again in Marrakesh, a city from Morocco. Agent 47 will have to take down a Swedish banker and the Moroccan general who are collaborating with one another to impose martial law in the African country. You’ll have to be as stealthy as possible this time, and crowds are also there to make your mission a lot more difficult.

Whittleton Creek – Hitman 2

Here Agent 47 will get to do his dirty work in Whittleton Creek from Vermont, USA. It’s an American suburb. The atmosphere looks peaceful and as if nobody would have expected what’s coming up. There are two targets that 47 needs to take down here, and neither of them will go down too easily.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the order of our list is purely random. We believe that all of the missions exposed can have a special place in the heart of any Hitman fan!
Feel free to tell us in the comment section what you think about our list! Would you propose some other Hitman missions instead? Feel free to comment!

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