Samsung Galaxy S23 Will Receive a 2x Mode in a Future Update

Credit: Samsung

Samsung launched its latest flagship back in February, and it is known as the Galaxy S23 series. There are three phones in the lineup, and all three carry the top-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The cameras are also pretty powerful – the S23 Ultra, for instance, sports a main lens of 200MP.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup keeps impressing the public even today, a few months after its launch, the South Korean tech behemoth is far from done with it. A new update will arrive at some point in the future that will make the new Samsung phones even more suitable for taking pictures with them.

Samsung Galaxy S23 will receive the 2x portrait zoom

GSMArena has spotted a post made on a community forum that indicates what we can expect from the future update in question: the 2x portrait zoom function will become available. This will be a significant improvement compared to the 1x in Portrait mode, for instance.

The 2x zoom function will be capable of using the main cam with digital zoom as well as some computational photography in order to obtain much more satisfying results for the user.

Samsung Galaxy S23 easily has one of the best cameras of all the phones built by the South Korean giant. It’s nice to see that Samsung wants to improve it even more despite the advantages that are already there. With its main camera, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can record video in up to 8K@24/30fps quality, for instance.

At this point, saying for sure when the 2x portrait zoom function will become available is practically impossible. But we can keep an eye on the latest news on the subject in order to make sure that we won’t miss any important information. We can realistically expect that Samsung will tell us more details in a maximum of a few weeks.

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