Google Pixel 6a vs. Google Pixel 7a: What is the Difference?

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The Pixel 7a is finally here, featuring some much-needed improvements over the Pixel 6a. What’s best is that the Pixel 7a is available at a fair price. But is the upgrade worthwhile? We’ve compiled a sleek guide on everything you need to know, including the specs and features side-by-side of the two Pixel smartphones.

Pixel 6a vs. Pixel 7a: Specs and Features

Google seems to have listened to what its users need, and it has made quite the smart move by keeping the Pixel 6a still available. Such a thing will definitely benefit anybody on a tight budget. So, at $349, the Pixel 6a remains a fantastic entry-level smartphone. As for its successor, the Pixel 7a, well, things look kind of bright in terms of specs and features, but so does the price tag, which is now starting at $499.

Let’s see the spec sheet of the smartphones:

The quality of the display is one of the key changes we would like to discuss. The resolution of every smartphone is still 1080p, with the Pixel 7a featuring a 90Hz screen, while the Pixel 6a’s screen 60Hz. There are some sleek extra frames on the Pixel 7a that make a difference because they look so smooth and exclusive.

What are your thoughts so far about the Google Pixel 7a? How about the Pixel 6a?

However, the most noticeable upgrades are in the camera section. On the most recent A-series model, Google has found a nice way to imitate the metal “Camera bar” of the Pixel 7. While the 6a keeps the glass panel that was prominent on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it is actually made of plastic.

Other major differences can be spotted in the performance area. Both Pixel phones are running on Android 13’s most recent version. The Google One VPN for the Pixel 7a is one of the few exceptions. It actually gives a free VPN service to all customers for at least five years, and it’s free!

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