Research Indicates That Multivitamins and Supplements are Useless for Most People

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Many people out there spend money each month to buy supplements and multivitamins, hoping to have better health. There’s no wonder why, as these are thought to maintain our health at optimum levels. But is that really true?

According to new research by Northwestern University and led by author Dr. Jeffrey Linder, vitamins and supplements are useless when it comes to improving the health of a person, according to Instead, people should mainly rely on exercise and diet.

There’s no “magic set of pills to keep you healthy”

What’s for sure is that there are numerous people taking supplements. It may be too difficult for them to understand otherwise. But nature seems to have been a lot more generous to us all in giving us the chance to be healthy without taking pills.

Dr. Linder explains:

Patients ask all the time, ‘What supplements should I be taking?’

They’re wasting money and focus thinking there has to be a magic set of pills that will keep them healthy when we should all be following the evidence-based practices of eating healthy and exercising.

A review of 84 studies was held by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), and it found a lack of enough evidence that if a person takes supplements or multivitamins, they can prevent the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Here’s another important statement issued by Dr. Linder, as quotes:

The task force is not saying ‘don’t take multivitamins,’ but there’s this idea that if these were really good for you, we’d know by now.

According to the same study, some of those vitamins and supplements may even be harmful. Beta-carotene supplements may even pose a possible risk of developing lung cancer.

Regular physical exercise has proven to help human health tremendously, according to several studies that have even spoken about the benefits of the same thing for the brain and cognitive functions.

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