Reports Of Horizontal Flashing Lines Were Shared By iPhone 14 Pro Users – What’s The Fix?

Apple has at long last confirmed the existence of a flaw that, when the display of an iPhone 14 Pro is switched on, causes horizontal flashing lines to appear on the screen of the device. The business has determined that it is not the result of a flaw in the underlying hardware, and it is now working on a software upgrade in order to fix the issue.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Horizontal Lines Across Screen When Phone Wakes Up from iphone

Users who are affected by the bug have reported seeing flashes of green and yellow lines on the display of their phone whenever the device is switched on or unlocked. There have been several complaints of the problem posted on Reddit, Twitter, and the community forums for Apple’s website. It seems to be pretty pervasive.

According to MacRumors, Apple has confirmed the flaw in a new memo which states that owners of the iPhone 14 Pro may claim that they momentarily see horizontal lines flash over the screen whenever they turn on their phone or unlock it. The letter was first reported by MacRumors. Apple is aware of the problem, and the company is working on releasing a software update that will fix it as soon as possible.

The remedy for the flaw might be included in iOS 16.3, which is now going through beta testing, despite the fact that Apple has not provided a date for the release. Earlier this week, the business launched the second beta iteration of the program with certain Emergency SOS adjustments. The company may correct the flaw in a future beta release before launching it with the stable version later this year. Another possible solution would be for Apple to solve this problem by releasing an update based on iOS 16.2 that contains bug fixes.

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