New Apex Legends Trailer Shows Next Hero’s Story and It’s Incredible

Credit: Respawn

Gotta love Respawn for this one here! Before the gameplay is shown, the next hero in Apex Legends receives a new tale trailer, and everything looks incredibly cool. Check out Apex Legends’ official post on Twitter:

Through its “Stories from the Outlands” series, Respawn has unveiled a narrative clip for their next Apex Legends character. Unexpectedly, Ballistic, a retired veteran of an Apex Games precursor, is called out of retirement for one more task. Nice to be seen on such a mission!

Notably, Ballistic, who appears to be very much The Dude, is seen wandering around his mansion in the trailer before becoming incensed by a sleek 30 for 30 style documentary about his Thunderdome career, which culminated in him killing his teammate and brother-in-law due to a strict, “selfish” and “crowd-pandering” combat style.

With the next season reveal trailer on the 25th, Ballistic will get a more thorough explanation, but there are already fans who like his backstory and appearance. Something more like a “punished, guilt-ridden gunslinger” that is always there in everyone’s faces. He also sounds like the type of guy who knows his way around mechanics. Why’s that? Well, apparently, Ballistic did not change all that much from his hot-dogging, showboating style of Battle Royale gunplay. Quite remarkable, mister!

Additionally, the trailer reveals that Ballistic’s estranged son is attempting to join the game. As a result, our main character in this story sobers up, gives himself a sleek Max Payne 3-inspired haircut and shave, and takes in whatever it takes actually to get into his son’s position.

What are your thoughts about Apex Legends’ Ballistic character?

With the release of the teaser on April 26 and the entire season’s debut on May 9, we’ll surely learn more. One thing is sure: Ballistic is one hot course into madness while escaping the matrix!

Georgia Nica
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