PS6 Development: Are We Getting a New Console?

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Ever since PS5 was launched, fans started thinking about PS6, and the expectations are big. In many states, there has been an enhancement in the stock conditions, and now everyone hopes we’re getting a new PlayStation. Of course, there are restocks, but they may not be what we expect.

The shortage of chips seems to be hard to get under control, and Sony cannot really do anything about it. And some are using bots to get consoles before others, which is not really fair play. And because of this situation, Sony cannot meet the demands for PlayStation 6 consoles.

A new job at Sony

User Zuby_Tech has talked about the development of PlayStation 6. On the official PlayStation website, there was a job title for a Ph.D. Intern for the Research and Development department.

Among the responsibilities for the job, there’s also “contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.” The part with the future PlayStation platforms implies that the company has already started working on a new console.

So it seems that Sony is working on a new console without actually working on the stock problem. And after two years from the launch of the console, Sony started working on a new one. PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006, and PlayStation 4 came into the discussion around 2008. It was released in 2013, and in 2015, the development of PS5 started.

So when are we getting the PlayStation 6 console?

It takes a lot of time and research for a new console to be released, so we’re probably going to get PlayStation 6 in the second half of the decade.

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