PS5 Update 23.01- Enhanced Messaging and Performance

Sony has introduced a fresh PS5 update, version 23.01-, featuring more than the usual stability refinements. Dive into the details of what’s new in the PS5 update patch notes for April 19.

The latest system software update highlights the following enhancements:

Weighing in at 1.51 GB, update 23.01-07.20.00 consists of general system software performance and stability improvements, as well as better messaging usability on specific screens. Furthermore, the DualSense Edge controller has been updated to enhance its stability. To download the update, access it directly from your PlayStation 5 console or visit the official PlayStation website.

Version: 23.01-07.20.00

  • Elevated system software performance and stability
  • Refined messaging and user experience on certain screens
  • Upgraded DualSense Edge wireless controller device software for optimal stability

Since early 2023, Sony has deployed several PlayStation 5 system software updates addressing minor concerns, such as the 23.01- update, which resolved a Game Library issue and added support for new peripherals, including the DualSense Edge controller. The previous major update, released in September 2022, provided 1440p HDMI Video Output support, Game Base enhancements, custom game lists, and more.

In addition to software updates, Sony is reportedly working on hardware advancements as well. Rumors indicate that Sony is developing two new PS5 models – one featuring a detachable disc drive and a high-end PS5 Pro – as well as a Remote Play-centric handheld device called the Q Lite. Some of this new hardware, including the PS5 model with an external disc drive and the Q Lite handheld, is anticipated to be released this year, so more news should be forthcoming shortly.

Susan Kowal
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