PS4 Pro vs. PS5: The Final Battle for the Trust of the Users

It is a well-known thing that PS5 has one of the fastest SSDs out there, with instant loading and a fantastic gameplay experience. It has a powerful GPU, a DualSense controller and a great look. PS5 is a to-die-for console that also comes with exclusives.

But the PS4 Pro is also an excellent choice. It has a .2 TFLOPS GPU. And in terms of exclusive games? A-MA-ZING. It is also cheaper and smaller than the PS5, but also weaker. Its controller is DualShock, and its HDD is a bit slow.

CPU and GPU:

CPU stands for central processing unit, and GPU stands for the graphics processing unit. They work together in order to ensure a great gaming experience. They are basically the heart of the console, and they determine the performance and power. The GPU works with the image you see on screen, and the CPU keeps it all running. They can perform master and reliable if they are good.

PS5 comes with an AMD Zen 2-based CPU and an RDNA 2 GPU, with more than 10.28 TFLOPs of computing power. This means that most games will run at 4K/60, and some will get to 4K/120fps.

PS5 also comes with ray tracing, which is an innovative technique to show light and shadows in a realistic way. It’s making games look more realistic, and that’s amazing.

PS4 Pro does not come with the 4K Blu Ray Player, in comparison to PS5, which does. It also cannot go disc-drive free, either.

PS4 Pro has an eight-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU and an AMD Radeon with 4.2 teraflops GPU.

PS4 comes with support for 4K streaming from Netflix and Amazon, but you won’t get 4K gaming just yet for all of the titles – they’re usually at 30fps.

Memory and Storage

PS5 comes with 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, which is a great improvement from the PS4 Pro. PS5 also has an SSD – solid state drive. With it, games can load 19 times faster. It has 825GB, and it’s a great change. PS5 also comes with Tempest 3D audio, which can handle hundreds of sound sources. PS4 can load 1GB of data in 20 seconds, and the PS5 can load 2GB in .27 seconds. We say PS5 wins this one.


PS5 is a bit different from the others from the family – it has a two-tone colour scheme, and it has a curved shape. It is also the biggest one so far.

PS4 Pro looks more traditional, it’s slim and light, and it does not weigh much – PS5 is silent and does not produce much heat, in comparison to PS4 Pro, which makes noise while playing some games and produces a lot of heat.


Here we have the fight between DualSense and DualShock 4. The DualSense controller is a great upgrade. It comes with support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which means that you can actually feel the tension when you are performing certain actions. DualSense also comes with USB-C charging, a built-in microphone and a create button. By far, DualSense is the best.

PSVR support

Both of them come with support for PSVR. The company is preparing for a PSVR 2 headset, but it won’t make its appearance with the PS5. The company wants the PSVR on PS5 to be wireless and support eye-tracking. They also want the resolution to double. Eye-tracking can improve performance and immersion, and it would be a great addition to the console.


PS5 comes at the price of $499.99,  £449.99, AU$749.95. The Digital Edition – the one without a disc drive – has the price of $399.99, £349.99, AU$599.95. They are finally both available all over the world.

PS4 Pro comes with a launch cost of $399, £349, AU$559. It is considered to be a mid-gen upgrade. It is the cheaper option, and it can be very fun to use.

Backwards Compatibility

Keep in mind that PS5 comes with backwards compatibility. This means that older games can be played on newer hardware. About 4000 games from the PS4 library can be played on PS5. They come with an improved performance and frame rate.

PS4 Pro does not have this feature.

User interface

PS5 comes with a better user interface – it’s more dynamic. We know it does not have themes, and the background will change according to the game you’re highlighting on the home screen, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

PS4 Pro has a friendly user interface. It is organized and easy to use, and you’ll surely find the way around it in no time.

Exclusive Games

There are plenty of games that will be released on both PS4 and PS5, such as Horizon Forbidden West or Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but that’s not always the case. Some games will only be available for the next-gen hardware, i.e. PS5 – Demon’s Souls, Godfalll, Deathloop, Final Fantasy 16 and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

These PS5 exclusives might also be more expensive. NBA 2k21 will cost $10 more than the version on PS4.


Unless you follow a tight budget, you may want to choose PS5. It is powerful, with better features, and it offers overall better performance. Let’s not forget the backwards compatibility, which, basically, allows you to enjoy PS4, as well.

Tonia Nissen
Based out of Detroit, Tonia Nissen has been writing for Optic Flux since 2017 and is presently our Managing Editor. An experienced freelance health writer, Tonia obtained an English BA from the University of Detroit, then spent over 7 years working in various markets as a television reporter, producer and news videographer. Tonia is particularly interested in scientific innovation, climate technology, and the marine environment.