Pokemon GO: Here’s How To Catch Beldum

When it comes to the latest mobile phenomenon, no one can touch Pokémon Go. The popular gaming app has become a global phenomenon bringing more hunger for rare creatures and an irresistible hunt for monsters in every neighborhood. There is a whole program of activities in Pokemon GO throughout September for gamers to enjoy. While not all Pokemon’s in the extensive series still exist in the game, additional developments and types are added periodically. Steel/Psychic, which only has three pokemons, does not count their developments, is one of the rarest combos.

Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokemon, is the most frequent of these. Beldum is a pokemon originating from Hoenn and interacts using two magnetic shots. In February 2018, Pokemon GO was launched, and users may capture one in several methods.

In Pokemon GO, the quickest method to capture a Beldum is in the wild. Wild Beldum has the most potential CP when it is captured as an additional bonus. A couple of events have boosted the pace of spawning in Beldum, although the most recent concluded on August 3rd. Nonetheless, players still have a great possibility of finding a Beldum randomly when exploring. A Pokemon GO Egg was the second most popular means for acquiring Beldum. Any Egg has the potential to contain a Beldum. However, players should verify if unusual occurrences change their odds. No event increases the probability of finding this Pokemon.

Beldum also has an opportunity to present itself as a prize meeting for carrying out several distinct field research tasks. In particular, tasks like Hatch an Egg allow users to meet with a low CP Beldum after it has been completed. In the GO Battle League during the first season and second season, it’s also attainable to gain a Beldum at rank 4. Although this is not an option anymore, Beldum might be introduced to the League as a prize in the future.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.