Pokemon Sword And Shield Tutorial: Chansey Evolution

Chansey is one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time, ever since it made an appearance in Generation 1.

Chansey became somewhat of a mainstay, as it was also featured in the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Chansey is a normal-type Pokemon. It got a reputation for its appearances alongside Nurse Joy in the Pokemon Center as a trustworthy healing companion.

Fans of Chansey can obtain one, and there is even a great surprise in store for them, as Chansey’s evolution doesn’t depend on a level.

Initially, the Blissey evolution appears as a normal-type with numerous wings.

However, Blissey comes with one significant advantage and special traits.

As the Pokemon was added in Sword and Shield with the Isle of Armor DLC, you can finally collect a Blissey through a Chansey.

As it is a Gen 1 Pokemon, pretty much everybody knows about Chansey.

Chansey can be found in multiple locations. These are some of the most common ones:

  • Base game (v 1.2.0+) – only via Trading.
  • Isle of Armor – The following locations:
  • Brawler’s Cave
  • Challenge Beach and Challenge Road
  • Courageous Cavern
  • Fields of Honor or the Forest of Focus
  • Honeycalm Island
  • Insular Sea, Stepping-Stone Sea, or Workout Sea
  • Loop Lagoon
  • Potbottom Desert
  • Soothing Wetlands
  • Training Lowlands
  • Warm-Up Tunnel

Chansey is a support member due to her nature. Depending on her progression, Chansey can become a fully-fledged support member or even be tanky against harsh foes thanks to her natural moveset.

When using Chansey, however, it may also be useful to be aware of the numerous perks the Pokemon has.

When you take a look at Chansey’s abilities, you will see that her portfolio is precisely what you’d want from a healer type:

  • Natural Cure: Cures the status problems of teammates when they are switched out.
  • Serene Grace: Chansey can increase the likelihood of buffs receiving extra effects.
  • Healer (Hidden): Can help cure an ally’s status conditions.

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