Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour March Edition: Shiny Krabby, Bonus, and More

Pokemon Go will soon welcome the first March edition of Spotlight Hour! The event will focus on the Kanto region’s Krabby.

If we’re lucky enough, we can get a Shiny version of the cute crustacean, some sleek bonus, and more yet to be discovered. Now, we have all the details about the upcoming Spotlight Hour, so you know what to expect.

Here is what you need to know.

Spotlight Hour Launch Date 

It’s already a tradition that every month, on Tuesdays, a new Spotlight Hour will kick in, highlighting a Pokemon for only an hour. The Pokemon will be available with boosted spawn rates and higher chances of a Shiny version. 

Next Tuesday, March 2, is no exception, and we’ll see Kanto’s favourite crustacean, Krabby, on the Spotlight Hour. The event will start at 6 PM and end at 7 PM (the local time is based on each player’s region).

Spotlight Hour Bonus

Niantic came up with new bonuses strategies every year for the limited-time event. For example, it merged the mystery bonus with every week’s Spotlight Hour. 

The first March edition will offer a 2x XP evolution bonus every time you evolve a Pokemon. How cool is this?

So, use the hour wisely and try to evolve any Pokemon in your storage. You might also get some free extra XP to boost your level!

For a better experience, use a Lucky Egg right at the beginning of the limited-time event so that you can max the bonus.

Get a Shiny Krabby

If you’re interested in a Shiny Krabby, make sure to stock up on Berries and Poke Balls. Go now to your local PokeStops and spin the areas to get ready for March 2!

Krabby is definitely a great catch. The classic, gen 1 Pokemon will make a huge impression when in its Shiny version.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Spotlight Hour!

Georgia Nica
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