Pokemon Go Love Cup Tips and Tricks: Best Pokemon and More

Soon we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day in Pokemon Go with an all-cute and funny Love Cup tournament. Trainers should expect plenty of surprises, gifts, and other cool rewards!

The Love Cup event will kick on February 14 and will be available a week. So, we’ll get enough time to break the opponents’ hearts and show some love for all the popular Pokemon, which will also spawn more.

Here are the best tips and tricks, strategies, and everything you should know.

Pokemon Go Love Cup Meta Details

Developers have indeed got some sleek inspiration when making this Go cup. Now, there are only 105 Pokemon under 1500CP that we can use in this tournament. 

What’s more important is that the competition will mainly revolve around Charm users, which means that we also have to be extremely creative with our team. So, what should we do? 

Probably, most players will choose to base their teams around the cute and lovely Wigglytuff and Clefable. These Pokemon’s Charm attack is pretty neat. They can defeat mighty Fighting Pokemon, including Hoenn’s Medicham. 

Another cool Pokemon that might prove extra-resistant is Alomomola. This Pokemon has a Waterfall and Hydro Pump that will keep Fire counters moving.

Moreover, fire-type Pokemon, such as the popular Charizard or the bold Talonflame, will surely defeat the Fairy types. Here are the best Pokemon you might want to try during the Love Cup tournament.

Best Love Cup Pokemon

Water (Counters Fire + Rock):

  • Milotic – F: Waterfall; C: Surf;
  • Alomomola – F: Waterfall; C: Hydro Pump (Blizzard is the perfect choice to take down Grass and Flying-types).

Fairy (Counters Fighting + Dragon + Dark):

  • Wigglytuff – F: Charm; C: Meteor Mash;
  • Clefable – F: Charm; C: Play Roug/ Ice Beam.

Fire (Counters Fairy + Grass):

  • Magcargo – F: Rock Throw/ Ember; C: Stone Edge/ Overheat;
  • Charizard – F: Fire Spin/ Dragon Breath; C: Blast Burn/ Dragon Claw (Fire melts Grass + Fairy-types);
  • Talonflame – F: Fire Spin; C: Flame Charge/ Brave Bird.

Best Overall Team:

  • Alomomola;
  • Wigglytuff;
  • Clefable.

Note that F stands for Fire Attach and C for Charged Specials!


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