Free Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go: How to Get Them

Free Remote Raid Passes are the best for taking on Legendary Pokemon in online battles, and every month Pokemon Go adds some. But, they aren’t given out that easily. You can’t get them from PokeStops or as Gifts. 

Niantic, however, came up with better ways of collecting these passes.

Here is what you need to know.

How to Get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go: Tips & Tricks

Thanks to Niantic, we can now get free Remote Raid Passes by completing Research Breakthrough tasks. 

Research Breakthrough rewards

Starting July 1 until August 1, 1 PM PDT/ 9 PM BST, you’ll be able to collect free Remote Raid passes every time you complete a Research Breakthrough. 

Rufflet is the most recent encounter, and there’s also a 4x XP bonus awaiting!

Everything You Should Know About Remote Raid Passes

Remote Raid Passes grant you access to raids on the Nearby screen without traveling anymore.

Collecting enough passes can get you right into raids and increase the chances to encounter a Legendary Pokemon.

How to use a pass

Using a Remote Raid Pass is relatively easy. All you have to is following these steps:

  • Search for the bottom right-hand side at the main game screen;
  • You’ll notice a pair of binoculars; under that, look for a silhouetted Pokemon and select it;
  • At the top, you’ll see Raid; choose any ongoing raids you want;
  • Click the Battle button to check how many passes do you have.

Following all the steps it’ll bring you closer to adventure and exciting rewards! 

Remote Raid Passes’ Price Tag in Pokemon Go Shop

The second method of getting some Remote Raid Passes is to buy them. 

You can buy 1 pass for 100 Poke Coins or three for 250 Poke Coins in the Pokemon Go’s shop. The thing is that you’ll need real money for that or save some coins by earning them.

Stay tuned for more Pokemon Go news!

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