PlayStation Plus Reveals The FREE Games for January 2021 – Trailers and Info

If it’s a new month, it’s also time for gamers to check out new titles to play, especially when we’re also talking about a brand new year. 2021 announces to be a great year for fans of video games, as the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be selling like hotcakes.

Subscribers of the PlayStation Plus service can get the PS5 version of Maneater as well as the PlayStation 4 versions for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall starting January 5th.

Maneater (PS5 version):

If you’re a fan of eating people alive (in video games, of course) and of titles where you don’t get to be on the good side, trying out the PS5 version of Maneater will grant you a load of fun.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This action-adventure title continues the story from the 2015 game Rise of the Tomb Raider and it’s the twelfth mainline entry from the Tomb Raider series. The video’s description is also conclusive enough:

Take a look at the official gameplay trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider which showcases the high-octane action, inner conflict, and challenges that will lead to Lara Croft’s defining moment.


If you’re tired of open-world games where you get to see fast cars and advanced tech everywhere, you can try out Greedfall. This game allows the player to explore a remote island where supernatural beings and brave men are fighting with primitive weapons such as swords. Greedfall includes elements of combat, diplomacy, and stealth.

Hopefully, we’ll also get our hands on some official info about the long-awaited GTA 6 in 2021, and nobody would mind if the game itself launches this year. But until such glorious moments, we’ll just have to enjoy other exciting games such as those exposed above.

Tonia Nissen
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