PlayStation 5 Slim: Microsoft Reveals a Possible Release Window

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Surely the PlayStation 5 console that came out in late 2020 is the bee’s knees for a lot of gamers out there, at least until Sony releases another console. But guess what? The Japanese tech behemoth might prepare a slim version of the famous gaming machine.

The concept of a smaller version for a flagship console doesn’t represent anything new. Let’s not forget that Microsoft released both the Xbox Series X and the Series S in the same period when PS5 came out. Therefore, the Series S is the lighter version of the Series X – slightly weaker specs for a lower price.

PlayStation 5 Slim will likely come out later this year

According to a legal document in the ongoing Microsoft vs. Federal Trade Commission case that Exputer talks about, it has been claimed that Sony wants to release a slimmer version of the PlayStation 5. The new console is referred to as the PlayStation 5 Slim, and it should come out later this year.

The surprise announcement suggests that the Slim version will have a similar price to the digital edition of the console. Industry insider Tom Henderson has previously hinted at a PlayStation 5 model that comes equipped with a detachable disc drive, which would allow gamers to choose between physical and digital games.

Another interesting rumor is that Sony will stop manufacturing PlayStation 5 consoles after 2023, focusing on the global launch of the PlayStation 5 Pro.

If the information is correct, the PlayStation 5 Slim is expected to have similar dimensions, hardware, as well as technical specifications as the current models, with the detachable disc drive connected via the USB-C port.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is that the PlayStation 5 has seen tremendous success, selling more than 38 million units as of April, and with exclusive titles such as Final Fantasy 16 and Marvel’s Spider-Man, the future looks promising for Sony’s console.

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