PlayStation 5 System Software Update: Here’s What’s New

Credit: Kamil S on Unsplash

A new patch for the PlayStation 5 has been released by Sony yesterday. Since the PS5 was released in 2020, the platform has gotten a number of normal updates to enhance different areas of the next-generation hardware. For today’s PS5 update, there’s a good balance between the big and the little upgrades that have come before.

PlayStation 5 users all across the world may now download the most recent update to their console. In general, this patch aims to broaden the scope of what may be done using ALLM (auto low latency mode). When you’re playing a game, you may instruct your TV to go into “game mode” using ALLM. As a result, you’ll have a more enjoyable time playing and won’t encounter any latency or other disruptions.

This latest PS5 system upgrade has a huge caveat: It may not affect your gameplay at all. Your TV may not have the option to use ALLM since it differs from one model to the next in terms of support. In the past, we’ve seen something similar with the PS5 VRR patch, which was released earlier in the year. Basically, Sony has added additional functions to the PS5 that will be appreciated by individuals who have newer televisions. Today’s patch, on the other hand, and others we’ve seen recently, aren’t anything to write home about if you play on a display that’s a few years old.

What’s new in this update?

  • Adjusting ALLM settings may be done in Settings > Screen and Video> (Video Output > ALLM. Your TV will automatically convert to low-latency mode while you play games if you choose Automatic.
  • If you choose Off, ALLM will not be activated, except for VRR output.
  • With this system software upgrade, you will also notice an increase in speed.
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