The Elder Scrolls 6 and Diablo 4 coming to Xbox Series X in 2022

Credit: Jakub Sisulak on Unsplash

When can we expect the Xbox Series X and S to be released, given Microsoft’s increasingly hectic release schedule?

The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s Todd Howard has admitted that The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in pre-production, and it’s unlikely to be released for years. Despite Howard’s own claims to the contrary, Phil Spencer’s statements suggest it will be an Xbox exclusive, despite the absence of a definitive release platform.

As Dusk Falls

Despite being created by an independent team, Xbox Game Studios will publish this story-driven adventure game, making it a future major exclusive for the system. When it opens on July 19, we’re eager to see how it stacks up against the likes of Life Is Strange, despite our reservations about its comic novel-inspired graphics.

Diablo 4

As one of two major Activision titles to be shown in June, Diablo 4 is set for release in 2023. Despite Microsoft’s acquisition, the game will remain cross-platform, although this was not explicitly stated at the demo.

 Overwatch 2

There was no Xbox-exclusive Overwatch 2 on display at Activision’s June showcase, which makes sense given how much of the previous game’s player-base is spread across various platforms. It’s now in beta and will be released as a free-to-play title on October 4th.


Although it was originally scheduled for release in the second half of 2022 as one of Microsoft’s top titles, this co-op vampire shooter by Arkane has been pushed back until the first half of 2023. At the June presentation, a new clip showed off the game’s co-op mode.


As the next big release from Bethesda, the postponement of Starfield was more of a setback for Microsoft. With over 1,000 planets to discover when it opens next year, gamers can look forward to tons of fresh gameplay footage.

A Plague Tale: Innocence 2

Since it was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 2021 presentation and showed off a second teaser during this year’s showcase, A Plague Tale: Innocence 2 is a cross-platform game with a specific partnership with Microsoft. It will be available on the 18th of October.

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