Are Tyrunt and Tyrantrum Shiny in Pokemon Go?


The new Season of Go for Pokémon Go has begun, and two unique events have just started to unfold. Following the conclusion of Go Fest 2022 on June 4 and 5, it is time to prepare for another round of fun in Pokemon Go. Trainers of Pokémon are surely curious about a few things, one of which is whether or not the Shiny variant of their beloved Pokemon, Tyrant, and its evolution Tyrantrum, would be reachable right from the start.

In the most recent version of the much-loved event, you will once again have a better chance of encountering Rock-type Pokémon and Fossil Pokémon more often in the wild and in eggs located at a distance of seven kilometers. The two fossils that were introduced in Generation VI will make their first appearance in Pokémon Go during Adventure Week 2022. Both Tyrunt and Amaura may be obtained through Field Research and eggs that have traveled seven kilometers.

Where to find Tyrunt and Tyrantrum in Pokémon Go?

You will most likely not come across a Tyrunt by chance in the open; rather, you will need to wait for situations in which it may spawn at higher rates or emerge in an egg pool. Although Tyrunt may sometimes exist in the wild, it is extremely unlikely that you will happen across one by accident. That’s quite a shame!

And here’s one more thing: because Tyrantrum needs a total of 50 Tyrunt Candies to be able to develop, that will prevent you from obtaining Tyrantrum.

Shiny Tyrunt and Tyrantrum in Pokémon Go

Following the completion of the ongoing event on August 2 at 8:00 p.m. local time, the Shiny forms of these two fossils ‘mon will still be made available to be acquired.

In the end, Tyrunt will revert to its previous state of being an extremely uncommon spawn, one that does not frequently exist outside of the shifting Egg pools that occur during special events. At this moment, it is unclear when exactly the encounter rate of Tyrunt will be increased once this event comes to a close.

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