Over 350 Earthquakes Jolted the Yellowstone Volcano in Two Weeks

Credit: Pixabay.com, Klaus Stebani

Things had been groundbreaking around the Yellowstone volcano in the last two weeks, literally speaking. According to Express.co.uk, the sight was hit by 351 earthquakes all this time, and the huge wave of reports about the jolts began on June 24.

However, the news is not so surprising as it sounds. The Yellowstone volcano along with its surrounding areas are placed on the most seismically active regions in the US. The data regarding the 351 quakes comes from the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS).

Will Yellowstone blow anytime soon?

Speculations immediately started to emerge in social media that the recent quakes from Yellowstone could be indicating that the volcano is about to blow. But thanks to geologists, we know that it won’t be the case in the near future.

According to Wikipedia, the Yellowstone Caldera, which is also referred to as the Yellowstone Supervolcano, means a volcanic caldera and a supervolcano located in the Yellowstone National Park from the Western United States. Most of the park is located in Wyoming, and more precisely: the northwest corner. The caldera measures 43 by 28 miles.

The Yellowstone Caldera also has an impressive age: somewhere between 2,100,000—70,000 years old. The last eruption occurred about 630,000 years ago, and another one won’t likely happen during our lifetime. We hate to disappoint you, but nobody lives for thousands or not even hundreds of years. Maybe some of our descendants will live during another Yellowstone eruption, and it won’t be a too pleasant sight.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) reveals that Yellowstone goes through 100 to 200 earthquakes every month.

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