OnePlus Nord 2: Release Date is Officially Revealed

Credit:, Atharva Whaval

OnePlus is once again determined to bring a new powerful phone to the market, and from all the information we have until now, it will be an impressive gadget. OnePlus Nord 2 is its name, and carrying as well as enhancing the legacy left by the first OnePlus Nord model is its game.

But we all know how things usually go in life: you can’t have them all. OnePlus Nord 2 won’t be available in the United States. The information is brought by OnePlus itself, and the company also confirms the release date of the upcoming device.

OnePlus Nord 2 launches on July 22

Those willing to get their hands on OnePlus Nord 2 will have that chance in less than two weeks. Pete Lau from OnePlus/Oppo made the announcement of the release date in a forum post, so there’s no room for speculations this time.

Here’s a part of the post from the OnePlus forum:

The “Never Settle” spirit is about the constant pursuit of perfection. The first OnePlus Nord was a fantastic product, but in the year since we launched it, we have continued reviewing your feedback and working on ways to improve the user experience for the next OnePlus Nord device. The OnePlus Nord 2 5G is a comprehensive upgrade from the first OnePlus Nord, from camera to performance to charging, as well as the newly AI-focused Dimensity 1200-AI SoC. We are confident that it delivers the dependable OnePlus fast and smooth experience you love, and lives up to the “Never Settle” ethos.

Pete Lau is not only an entrepreneur — he is a business executive as well. The man is known as the co-founder and chief executive officer of OnePlus.

Although OnePlus has released some impressive smartphones over the years, the company has also launched TVs, earphones, and other types of products.

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