Ninja Stealth Becomes FREE for a Limited Time

Source: Steam

If you’re also into exciting games that don’t take a toll on the hardware specs, it means you can give Ninja Stealth a try. That’s the name of a strategic indie/casual game where your job is to make the protagonist evade the guards and escape an evil facility.

Another strong argument that you should try out Ninja Stealth is that the game is FREE via Steam. But at the same time, you’d better act fast if you want the game running on your PC. The offer won’t last forever! But hey, we can say the same about pretty much anything else in life, right?

You can get Ninja Stealth for free until Jun 13

June 13 is the deadline. Get the game for free until this date via Steam, or be ready to pay the price, literally speaking! The game usually costs 4 euros on the famous gaming service.

Steam’s description of Ninja Stealth sounds pretty straightforward:

As a ninja you will need to be always hiden in the shadows, your objective is simple:

Escape the evil facility from a company that is trying to conquer the world, the Polo Jocos, is an evil facility founded by one of the worst man ever encountered, the evil Mr Tinger.

He is building a new chemical that will affect humanity on the worst way ever possible, he plan to use his chemicals to sell it in the Black Market and then extend his empire even more.

The game requires only 500MB of space out of your storage drive. You won’t have to worry too much about the rest of the requirements, such as RAM, processor, or video card. You have higher chances of winning the lottery than not getting Ninja Stealth to run on your PC!


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