HTC Will Release a ‘Viverse’ Phone Very Soon

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HTC is not dead when it comes to the smartphone sector; it’s just going through some changes. And judging by a recent piece of information, many of us would be delighted by those changes.

The Taiwanese brand HTC has been neglecting phones in recent years or at least leaving them aside a bit to make room for its VR toys. But that approach may soon change. HTC will release a Viverse phone in just a few weeks.

HTC’s upcoming ‘Viverse’ phone is set to release on June 28

According to, we have to wait until June 28 to see the Taiwanese giant’s new ‘Viverse’ phone launched. If you’re also asking yourself what in the Lord’s name a Viverse is,  just as we did, the HTC takes some time to explain, as quoted by the same publication mentioned earlier:

A Metaverse ecosystem that connects people from all walks of life to an open and accessible virtual world. Through this new form of living, everyone is empowered to explore, work, and play in a safe environment, each experience is unique, and your transactions and data are secure.

There’s even a relevant video on the subject that you can check out below:

It will be interesting to see if the Viverse will be superior to the highly-acclaimed Metaverse. Apart from this, there’s not much to know at this point about the upcoming device. But maybe HTC wants to prolong the suspense to provide a pleasant surprise in the end.

But even so, it’s hard to believe that a mid-budget or low-budget phone could run in a Viverse environment, whatever it means. We’re obviously talking about a hint for a high-end phone, and there is very little time left to find out for sure!

HTC Wildfire E2 Plus is one of HTC’s latest smartphones released, and this model came out last year in December. It was one more proof that the tech giant still wants to get serious when it comes to smartphones.


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