New Windows 11 Update Ruins the ‘Make Default’ Button of Google Chrome

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Gone are the days when you could receive the final product for the money you paid. Microsoft is well-known for releasing faulty updates for its operating systems, and it seems that the trend and torture continue even in the case of Windows 11.

If Windows 10 made many of its users tear their hair out because of numerous faulty updates, there’s new evidence that upgrading to Windows 11 won’t make too much of a difference. Sure, perhaps many of those updates that we are tempted to consider faulty aren’t actually that way in the literal sense, as they still bring some improvements. But when their installation ruins another app or the functionality of an app, the whole scenario can truly become annoying beyond belief.

Microsoft’s April 2023 update for Windows 11 ruins the ‘Make Default’ button from Chrome

In case you’re using Google Chrome like many other netizens out there, surely you’ve seen the ‘Make Default’ button that the browser has introduced last year. The button allows users to rapidly change their default browser to Chrome without having to search for a similar option in the operating system’s settings.

The new April 2023 update (aka KB5025221) for Windows 11 ruins the function, however, as it will simply redirect the user to the Default Apps from the Windows Settings, according to XDA. On the other hand, Microsoft doesn’t admit the issue, or at least not yet and not publicly.

Overall, although Windows 11 has brought some improvements compared to its older sibling Windows 10, it’s still far from catching the trust of most Microsoft users. However, the Redmond-based company is making efforts in convincing its users to make the switch to Windows 11.

We can realistically expect Microsoft to provide a potential fix for the incompatibility of the April 2023 update for Windows 11 with the Google Chrome browser. Hopefully, the new update will also work. God knows when that will happen!

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