New GTA Online Update Adds Improvements and New Features for the Xbox Version of the Game

Credit:, João Ferrão

If you prefer playing the legendary Grand Theft Auto V game on the Xbox Series X/S console, surely you’ll be interested in what we have to say in this article. A new update for the game went live yesterday, June 13, and it brings a lot of improvements, as PureBox is telling us.

We’re obviously talking about the new San Andreas Mercenaries update. And no, the new update doesn’t have anything to do with the legendary 2004 game known as GTA San Andreas. We hate to disappoint you if that is the case. Otherwise, the new update brings even more fun for those who play GTA Online.

GTA San Andreas Mercenaries Update brings new features

Even new features are included in the new update for GTA Online. Players will have access to new Story Missions and Freemode content, among many others.

As you can easily conclude for yourself, players will also gain access to lots of war vehicles and jet planes, as the new missions won’t be easy at all. They’ll need some really heavy artillery for that in order to take down Merryweather Security.

Here’s a quote coming from Rockstar regarding the new update for GTA Online:

Join up with expert pilot and skilled merc Charlie Reed to lead his new outfit — the Los Santos Angels — on a series of dangerous counter operations to disarm and disrupt the ruthless forces of Merryweather Security, with the chance for you and your friends to earn your own fortunes along the way.

Did you know that Franklin’s voice actor in GTA 5, meaning Shawn Fonteno, is the cousin of the actor who makes Carl Johnson’s voice in GTA San Andreas, meaning Carl Tart? Both games were developed by Rockstar, and they remain among the most successful titles in video game history. GTA 5 was launched almost a decade after GTA San Andreas came out.

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