Fortnite Season 3: Prism Apparatus Secret Quest Tips & Tricks

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There is a secret mission for island explorers in the current season of Fortnite, but only a few people are aware of it. In order to finish The Apparatus, you need to give it a Prism. Are you ready for some exciting challenges?!

There are a number of secret missions that may be accomplished by interacting with a certain concealed object on the island, and while these tasks are easily accessible via the missions tab of the menu, they are not immediately obvious. A player can complete this quest by delivering a Prism to Trace in The Apparatus. Don’t panic! We have compiled the ultimate guide for doing just that and more.

How to Complete the Prism Apparatus Secret Quest?

The Prism, which stores Kinetic Ore’s powers, is an impressive secret item on the Fortnite island. To complete an Explorer Quest that involves learning more about Prism’s capabilities, you must bring it to the new NPC Trace at The Apparatus.

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Follow these steps to complete the Explorer Quest and earn 20,000 XP:

  1. travel to the location that’s marked on the map above
  2. locate the Prism on a pedestal just outside a Ruins’ main entrance
  3. interact with the Prism to receive the Explorer Quest
  4. deliver the item to Trace at The Apparatus
  5. ascend the stairs to reach Trace
  6. speak with Trace
  7. receive the prompt to Hand over the Prism
  8. earn XP for completing the quest!

Bonus: Play the audio log you find at the bottom of the stairs; it was recorded by Slone and contains crucial clues.

Season 5 of Fortnite brings IO Agent Slone, apparently, back into the game, as she travels to the island in quest of Kinetic Ore to use in constructing a gateway. To create a wormhole in another universe, she requires a steady energy supply. How psyched are you about this?!

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