New Dragon Ball Super Preview: Pan Defeats Her First Opponent

Source: Toei Animation

Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl and also the granddaughter of Goku and Chi Chi, is exceptionally powerful for her age. The child received a special role in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, where she was kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army in order to be used as bait to lure her father, Gohan, into a trap.

The Dragon Ball Super Manga is now re-telling the story of the Super Hero movie. Regardless of how weird it may sound to many, the same recipe was used in order to re-tell the stories of the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F and the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movies.

Therefore, just as it happened in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Pan has shown some terrifying fighting potential by defeating a few of the Red Ribbon Army’s soldiers. We can see her doing likewise in a tweet revealing new preview images for Chapter 94 of the manga below:

Credit: Twitter / @SupaChronicles

However, the strong granddaughter of Goku has been a lot more implicated in Dragon Ball when it comes to the Dragon Ball GT series that had its premiere in Japan back in February 1996. At that time, Pan was a 14-year-old girl who helped both her grandfather Goku and Trunks to gather the dragon balls while exploring the entire Milky Way galaxy. Although Pan was nowhere close to Goku in power, she proved to have exceptional fighting abilities by confronting the Shadow Dragons and contributing to their defeat.

As for Dragon Ball Super, Pan is only three years old in the Super Hero movie. It’s even a pretty safe bet to say that at some point in the manga’s future, she might become a Super Saiyan. Female Super Saiyans don’t represent anything new in Dragon Ball, as we’ve seen Kefla and Kaulifa back in the Tournament of Power using the legendary transformation.

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