Mysterious Metal Sphere Found on a Beach Leads to UFO and Dragon Ball-Related Theories


If you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z, surely you’re well aware of how the Saiyans used to travel throughout the Universe. They were using spaceships that looked like metal spheres about the same size as a human.

A metal sphere has recently appeared on a beach in Japan, and it was just a matter of time until people started to flood social media with conspiracy theories involving aliens, UFOs, Dragon Ball, or all of them combined. What’s for sure is that nobody can say for sure what the origin of the object is, but the authorities are looking for answers.

The large metallic sphere that washed up on a beach in Japan has left locals and authorities puzzled. Measuring approximately 4.9 feet in diameter, the object was discovered by a beachgoer and was initially believed to be a buoy. However, X-rays revealed that the sphere is hollow, leading to further speculation about its origins.

Some online commenters have suggested it could be a “Godzilla egg” or a “dragon ball” from the Japanese manga series. Despite the mystery surrounding the object, officials have confirmed that it poses no danger to the public.

In the Dragon Ball series, dragon balls are spheres that can grant any wish as long as someone collects them all and summons the Eternal Dragon. There are seven dragon balls in the series, and they all look orange, which is similar to the metal sphere found in Japan.

Let’s just hope that Saiyans don’t exist!

Cristian Antonescu
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