MX Player 1.67.4 APK Update Adds New Features

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Let’s suppose you’ve had enough of the errors of VLC and the limitations of Windows Media Player. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of fish in the sea that can make you get back on track and enjoy the best of video play on your laptop or phone.

One of the alternatives is MX Player. It’s a nice app built by an Indian developer that can get the job done very well on a multitude of platforms. Today we want to speak about its mobile version since it has just gotten updated to the 1.67.4 version due to a new APK file.

What’s new in MX Player 1.67.4

The new MX Player 1.67.4 version that has just become available gives users the power to sort by option within the Privacy Folder. We’re also not pulling your leg when we tell you that the new MX Player update has added support for MKV Chapters. The UI optimization for music playlists is also there, as pretty much all video players can run music as well!

The new 1.67.4 update also assures other improvements and fixes for those who decide to install it, but the patch notes don’t go into detail when it comes to this area.

If you want to install the new MX Player 1.67.4 version, you need to choose from either the simple APK file or the APK bundle that has 21 splits. Both versions were built on a universal architecture, and they require at least Android 5 running on your phone in order to achieve compatibility. In other words, anybody can install the new MX Player 1.67.4 update, so feel free to try it out and leave us your opinions in the comment section of this article!

Therefore, there’s no use starting to despair if you no longer find apps such as VLC useful. Pull yourself together, and give MX Player a try!

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