Mozilla Firefox 114 Update Allows Users to Search for Bookmarks

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If you also know that common and frustrating feeling when you can’t find a specific bookmark you made in your browser only a few days or weeks ago, well, welcome to the club! Just like any other browser out there, Mozilla Firefox also offers users the possibility of establishing bookmarks, but not being able to find them right away was a pretty pesky issue.

However, the new Mozilla Firefox 114 update has now become available with a fix by providing users the possibility of searching for specific bookmarks, according to XDA.

Access the bookmarks menu to search for specific bookmarks

Mozilla Firefox users can now search bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks menu and restrict searches to local browsing history due to the new Mozilla Firefox 114 update. The DNS over HTTPS exception list has a new UI, and extensions can be ordered according to preference. Mac users even have the chance of recording video in all supported resolutions, and FIDO2 authenticators over USB are now available for macOS, Linux, as well as Windows 7. Yes, Windows 7, the same legendary operating system that isn’t supported anymore by Microsoft!

Pocket content is now available in Italy, France, and Spain. Developers have also received enhancements, such as support for “–compressed” argument in “Copy as cURL” and CSS Cascading Level 4 “@import” rules. Additionally, there are security fixes and improvements in the case of Firefox for Enterprise 114. Existing users will receive automatic updates, while new users can grab a copy of Firefox from Mozilla’s official website.

If you’re one of those who need alternatives when it comes to your favorite browser, you should always keep in mind that the offer is overwhelming out there. Apps such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Microsoft Edge can always be considered powerful alternatives to Mozilla Firefox.

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