Motorola Razr 2023 vs. Razr Plus vs. Razr 2020: Specs and Features Comparison


After missing a potentially huge Razr release in 2021, Motorola has returned in style by announcing on June 1 that it would be launching after all two new Razr flip phones. Yes, you’ve read correctly: two Razr smartphones! Could that be the secret formula to some of the best flip phones on the market? Well, read out below to get all the details.

The Razr Plus stands out as the more impressive of the two smartphones. Like, yes, we can see it from a distance! The fact that its front cover is composed almost entirely of the screen helps it steal the spotlight. Thanks to the display of 3.6 inches, it has the potential to be the star of the show. It is undeniably bigger than the cover screen on its forerunner, the Razr 2022, which only measures 2.6 inches diagonally and flaunts only one panel.

Check out the following spec sheet to compare the following three Motorola Razr smartphones side by side in terms of their various specifications and features:

It is interesting to see the various ways in which Motorola has enhanced its gadget over the years. It’s definitely a fantastic makeover, one that can’t go unnoticed! For instance, one notable improvement is the ever-increasing size of the cover screen (again, the size matters!).

Moreover, the price has been steadily decreasing, as was to be anticipated by some. For example, the 2019 Motorola Razr had a price tag of $1,499 but lacked an IP certification and wireless charging and included just 6GB of RAM. In addition to that, it possessed two cameras (a win-win situation).

Moving forward to the present day, the price of the Motorola Razr Plus has increased to one thousand dollars, which is quite the spiced-up price tag! But let’s see the good part here because there is one. The smartphone has received several new features, including an IP52 durability certification, an additional camera, and much-awaited wireless charging. Additionally, it has undergone some subtle improvements, such as a quicker CPU, more storage space, a larger battery, and a smaller weight.

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