More ‘Star Wars’ Games are Coming, Thanks to EA

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Many of us grew up watching the classic sci-fi Star Wars movies from the ’70s and ’80s, where actors such as Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, David Prowse, and Alec Guinness played exceptional roles. Those films will remain forever in the hearts of numerous Star Wars fans from all over the world, and for good reasons. They represented the basis of an unfathomable legacy that later gave birth to other movies, spin-offs, as well as countless video games, toys, and so on.

Electronic Arts (EA) is well-known for creating Star Wars video games, and it has already proven that it can do a great job in the area. The company is responsible for successful titles such as Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), Star Wars: Squadrons (2020), and more.

Respawn chief reveals that EA is working on new Star Wars projects

EA won’t stop creating Star Wars games too soon. Vince Zampella, the chief of Respawn, meaning a subsidiary company of Electronic Arts, revealed future plans regarding Star Wars projects. He claims that EA is already working on new ‘Star Wars stuff,’ and we can realistically assume that the ‘stuff’ cannot refer to anything else besides gaming. This means that EA will soon release new Star Wars games or perhaps some expansions for its older titles. Either way, Star Wars fans couldn’t be any more excited.

Vince Zampella explained, as mp1st quotes:

Things are going great. Apex [Legends] had a ton of competition last year. We weathered through that. This season did really well. We have another season coming out fairly soon. We’ve got stuff in development we’re not talking about. Some other Star Wars stuff too, which is exciting.

Although we don’t have any information yet on when exactly the ‘Star Wars stuff’ is coming out, you know what they say that good things come to those who wait!

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