Monster Hunter Now’s Release Date and Availability: How to Hunt Monsters in Real Life?

Credit: Niantic

Monster slayers, prepare for the adventure of your life because it’s about to get real! Also, Pokemon Go fans, you might want to look at this, as stuff is getting somehow familiar. Niantic is gearing up to introduce a new monster academy, along with the perfect tools to hunt them. How cool is that?

Best known for the massive game hit, Pokémon Go, Niantic has just revealed a sleek collab with Capcom to create a game based on the Monster Hunter series, dubbed Monster Hunter Now. Practically, the game will revolve around monsters and hunting them via an immersive augmented reality experience for which Niantic is renowned. What are your thoughts about it?

Check out a screenshot of Monster Hunter Now:

Credit: Niantic

Monster Hunter Now Release Date and Features

The same gameplay that Monster Hunter is renowned for will be used in Monster Hunter Now. Players may get various materials by hunting monsters, and these resources can then be used to make stronger weapons and armor, which can then be utilized to hunt even more difficult creatures. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

There were little details about the gameplay, but it seems like Monster Hunter Now will stick to a so-well pattern. However, Niantic promises more information when the closed beta debuts!

Credit: Niantic

MonHun’s main theme was combat. Drawn-out, draining fights are what matter in the game. We’ll get to see all of that and even more, but now you can actually hunt with friends in the upcoming Monster Hunter Now. Battles, for instance, will only last a maximum of 75 seconds, which also significantly compresses the action. Sakae Osumi, senior producer of Niantic’s Tokyo studio, explained:

[…] we wanted to make the combat element simple and intuitive, but still hard to master.

Finally, players will be able to tag monsters with paintballs while they’re in motion. This feature is definitely one of the coolest things in the game! As for the charming Palico companion animals, they will also be in the game.

Monster Hunter Now will officially air in September on both iOS and Android.

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