Minecraft Update 1.17.10 Available With New Ways to Decorate Your World

Source: Minecraft
Source: Minecraft

Mojang has recently announced that the Caves & Cliffs update will come in two parts. They have worked a lot on them since they have rewritten the process of building the world.

The first part of the update made its appearance on Switch in June, and it brought Axolotls, glow squids, goats, and a new host for the blocks, powder snow and copper. The second part will come by the end of 2021, during winter probably.

The first part comes with a great surprise — candles!

It seems that the waxes are made with string and honeycomb, 16 dyed types and a non-dyed type, in yellow. They can be lit by any item which produces fire and you can place on a single block a maximum of 4 pieces. The maximum light level would be 12.  But it would be best if you kept in mind that only candles of the same colour can be placed on the same block, and that you can place only one in an uneaten cake. If the cake is consumed, then the candles will pop off.

Fans are very excited since they can decorate their world even better with these candles.

With this update, there are also a few bug fixes, and the overall quality is not better — they have made some changes to the texture of the blocks in order to match the Java Edition. They have also improved loots in the Bastion chests.

Axolotls come with new hitboxes, and the “play dead” animation is now more convincing. About goats, the team has reduced fall damage.

Fans are also excited to find out that there are new splash texts that appear on the game screen. Among the examples, there is “There’s <<a cat on ,my keyboard!~”, “Get to the coppah!”, “Honey, I waxed the copper!”, The cutest predator you’ll ever meet!” and “Made by “real” people!”

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