Microsoft Teams Up With Sega to Develop Advanced Games


The world of video games never ceases to amaze us with unforgettable titles, but even so, there’s always room for improvement! The standards permanently go up as well, and the fans always want more quality from their favorite game series. tells us that Microsoft is teaming up with Sega to bring new and better video games on the market. The upcoming creations will be part of the “super games” lot, and for reasons that might be surprising to you!

Metaverses hubs are coming

Sega aims to combine legendary games such as Sonic the Hedgehog into the so-called “super games”. The company itself announced the partnership with Microsoft for such an ambitious purpose. The Redmond-based giant’s “state-of-the-art” Azure cloud technology will be used.

Yukio Sugino, who is the President and COO of SEGA, declared as quoted by

By building mutual cooperation in fields such as SEGA’s game development capabilities and Microsoft’s state-of-the-art technology and development environment construction, we will further promote game development that can be enjoyed by game fans around the world.

Microsoft is one of those companies that don’t need any presentation when it comes to their involvement in the gaming industry. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S consoles released a year ago are without a doubt much more advanced than the predecessor Xbox One machine.

Here’s what has to say about Microsoft’s next-generation console:

Microsoft claims the Series X is twice as powerful as the One X in terms of graphical prowess. In simple terms, it will run nigh-on every game natively in 4K 60fps, where the One X can only run a handful of titles in full 4K natively. And often, you have to choose between 60fps or 4K, not both.

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