Is Spider-Man Coming to Fortnite? Leaks and Possible Release Date

Source: Epic Games / Insomniac

Spider-Man is one of the most demanded crossovers in Fortnite (so far!). Several leaks and rumors have hinted that the skin could totally arrive soon.

The Marvel ‘verse has been doing rounds on and on in Fortnite, from Thor, Black Widow to Wolverine, since the superhero takeover first kicked in Season 4. But the only Marvel star that didn’t appear is the beloved Spidey.

When is Spider-Man coming to Fortnite?

Based on several leaks and rumors, we’ve compiled a cool list of everything we know, including a possible release date.

Spider-Man Skin in Fortnite: what to expect?

If the popular Marvel superhero does get an exclusive Fortnite skin, it will most likely come during December 2021. Why is that?

Well, it would line up so nicely with the new film Spider-Man: Now Way Home. Pretty much fair, right?

While most crossovers that we got in Fortnite appeared out of the blue, they usually happen to arrive with a huge release related to a franchise. For example, the Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy exclusive skin or the recent Shang-Chi one.

As we said, that would be pretty fair.

Of course, Epic Games could plan something else, like bringing a Spider-Man skin in the upcoming season’s Battle Pass. So, we better keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen.

Also, it would be nice to take some things with a pinch of salt because all we’ve got are leaks or rumors.

Source: Sony Pictures

Spider-Man Skin in Fortnite Fresh Leaks

One of the biggest leaks about a possible Spider-Man skin in Fortnite resurfaced back in October 2021.

Popular tipster HYPEX shared some hot details about a new sleek item codenamed “WestSausage” on Twitter, as you can see below:

If you didn’t know, Epic Games prefers to use various codenames with the initials of the actual title or name, so that could be a ‘Web Slinger’ item.

Which Spider-Man to Expect in Fortnite?

Previous releases of Marvel characters were based on their comic boon appearance. So, any Spider-Man that arrives in the game will feature a comic book version of the beloved Peter Parker, but we might also see Tom Holland Spider-Man.

How cool is that?

While we still dig on several leaks, let’s hope our expectations won’t be that high.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news!

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