Microsoft Edge Will Be Featuring a FREE Built-In VPN


Navigating the web without a VPN software installed and running can become one dangerous game to play. That’s why so many folks nowadays see the presence of a VPN as practically mandatory, and we can’t blame them.

Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular browsers out there, and the developers need to keep satisfying about 158 million users. Therefore, it was obvious that they’ll do their best to update the browser in useful ways.

Microsoft begins testing a VPN for the Edge browser

According to Microsoft’s support page, the tech giant prepares a VPN service for the Edge browser. Cloudflare will be supporting the upcoming ‘Microsoft Edge Secure Network’ feature, and you’ve already guessed from the title what’s it all about. It prevents online tracking and also provides data encryption, which are obviously the traits of a VPN.

However, one downside could be the small amount of free data that the upcoming VPN will give to Edge users: only 1GB per month. The feature should arrive soon enough, meaning that learning how to activate it can already help you.

How to turn on Microsoft Edge’s VPN

To activate the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature, you first need to make sure that you’re signed in to your Microsoft account while using the Edge browser. If not, creating an account is extremely easy and it will likely take only a few minutes. Once signed in, you must head over to the ‘Settings and more’ option and select ‘Secure Network’. From that point, you’ll have to follow a few simple and deductible steps to activate the feature.

Perhaps you can’t see the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature available in your browser already, but that should soon change. Until that glorious moment, you can tell us in the comment section if you’re happy about the upcoming feature for Microsoft Edge or not.

Cristian Antonescu
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