MBC Presents Nine of the ‘Wild Idol’ Contestants

Credit: Youtube

Kim Jong Kook will host the newest survival show by MBC, and the panellists are INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Cha Tae Hyun, Brave Girl’s Yujeon and Lee Hyun Yi. ‘Wild Idol’ consists of auditions where the contestants will be judged according to their skills, evolution, and other criteria. The idea is to find the perfect hidden gems that have the potential to become future idols.

The contestants’ names will remain unknown

All the 45 contestants are assigned a number so that the panellists and the audience can identify them. MBC has revealed nine contestants’ profile photos, performance videos, and PR videos: from nr.1 to nr. 9. The contestants will battle each other, and only the best will win.

Each contestant has their own unique talent

The photos and videos released show that each of the first nine contestants has his style and talent. Number one prefers musicals and plays, number two raps, and has exhibition art as his talent. Number three sings vocal and enjoys musicals, while number four enjoys breakdancing and acrobatics, apart from singing. Numbers five, six and seven are dancers, and while number five enjoys studying, number six enjoys using his facial expressions for acting. Number seven enjoys contemporary dance, and number eight sings and enjoys taekwondo. Number nine is a rapper and enjoys producing songs. All of them are unique, and they want to conquer the audience with their special talents and skills.

The survival show will start soon

‘Wild Idol’ will start in September, and what sets this audience show apart is that the contestant’s physical stamina will also be evaluated during outdoor battles and boot-camp training. They will perform in the wild, and the panel of celebrities will carefully follow their evolution. The contestants will wear a uniform, and they will try to perform several challenging missions in the wild.

Cezara Radu
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