M2 Ultra Chip Scores Impressive Benchmark Results and There’s No Surprise!


The M2 Ultra Chip from Apple shows significant performance improvements in benchmarks, which is not a surprise at all. The new M2 Ultra processor has shown up on Geekbench 6 with the first test results, giving us a closer look at the CPU performance boosts. The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro, arriving next week, also include a powerful processor, so you might want to take them into consideration!

According to the benchmarks, the new Mac Pro’s 28-core Xeon W processor should provide about 2x the total CPU performance. Given that the 28-core Intel-based model began at $12,999 and the new Mac Pro begins at $6,999, this achievement is all the more remarkable and breathtaking for sure.

For instance, Apple said at WWDC that the new Mac Pro is up to 3x quicker than the Intel-based model, although this only holds true for certain “real-world pro workflows like video transcoding and 3D simulation.” This also implies that the M2 Ultra is Apple’s fastest processor to date.

What are your thoughts about Apple’s chip development so far? Would you consider doing an upgrade this year?


The results verify Apple’s claims that the M2 Ultra processor is up to 20% more powerful in terms of central processing unit (CPU) performance than the M1 Ultra chip. Even if the results show considerable variation, the M2 Ultra-equipped Mac Studio appears to get single-core and multi-core scores of up to around 2,800 and 21,700.

The Mac Pro’s six PCIe expansion slots are the main attraction above the Mac Studio’s two. If you’re looking to save money, the Mac Studio is a better option because it can be outfitted with the M2 Ultra for only $6,000. So, you better be the judge of these current results and pick your favorite! After all, Apple did what it said: delivering the best products.

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Georgia Nica
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