15-inch MacBook Air vs 13-inch MacBook Air M2 Comparison: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

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Typically, new Macs are introduced during WWDC, and in 2023, it meant a larger-screened MacBook Air. Although Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air has been available for some time, the company has now introduced a 15-inch model. At WWDC 2023, Apple debuted a new MacBook Air model, offering buyers a bigger 15-inch screen size. Compare these features to those of the standard 13-inch model! The dilemma of whether or not to invest in the larger 15-inch MacBook Air now arises.

Besides being physically larger and sporting a more sizable display, Apple’s updated laptop also features a few other notable changes. Let’s take a close look at the differences and similarities. Check out the spec sheet below:

The 2022 MacBook Air received a significant facelift from Apple that made it seem more like the rest of the MacBook Pro series. The distinctive wedge had to disappear because of this change to a more conventional profile. The 15.3-inch MacBook Air, however, as its name indicates, features a Liquid Retina display and is also equipped with an IPS LED-backlit panel.


What are your thoughts so far about the MacBook Air’s development?

The notch is fully operational again. The display technology and brightness levels are the same. The 15-inch screen’s resolution of 2,880 by 1,864 is greater, yet the lower pixel density of 224ppi is barely noticeable.

The CPU, Neural Engine, and Media Engine of the 15-inch model’s M2 variant are all essentially identical. The graphics processing unit (GPU) makes the difference. The M2 in the 13-inch MacBook Air has a Geekbench single-core score of 1,898 and a multi-core score of 8,941.

Still not convinced?


The 15-inch MacBook Air has a 66.5-watt-hour battery, yet it has the same runtime as the 13-inch model. Both variants support charging using one of the two USB-C ports or MagSafe 3. The former is preferable for those who value the availability of their device’s data connections, while the latter offers the convenience of a docking station for charging. That’s really cool, by the way!

It’s reasonable to assume that, other than cosmetic changes, there won’t be many subtle distinctions between two models from the same product family. It appears such is the situation here after perusing the technical details.

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