KFC 8.4 APK Update Adds the Click & Collect and Delivery Service

We get it. You just can’t go to a KFC restaurant every time you need. You might be busy at work; you might need to take care of your child, and so on. That’s when the KFC mobile app comes in handy. But if, by any chance, you were tempted to believe that the KFC app doesn’t get regular updates, you should definitely eat your words.

The KFC app in Germany has now been updated to version 8.4, and you can grab it as an APK file if your phone is eligible. All you need is at least Android 4.1 running on your phone.

What’s new in KFC 8.4

The new KFC 8.4 version consists of a new Click & Collect and Delivery service that’s currently being rolled out by the devs. The patch notes also tell us that despite the fact that not all restaurants are connected yet, the devs are working every day in order to try to connect more of such venues.

What the new feature does is that it can allow users to simply order their chicken with a click. In other words, it has become a lot easier to get your desired food at your doorstep using the KFC app.

There aren’t too many details available regarding the new feature. Those who use the app in Germany will just have to find out for themselves by installing the app.

Here’s an official description regarding the KFC App UKI courtesy of the Google Play Store:

Order KFC finger lickin’ good food and get the best chicken deals from our menu as well as exclusive rewards, with the new KFC app. Download the free KFC UK app today and join the millions of happy customers who can’t get enough of our high-quality, protein-rich Original Recipe chicken.

Freshly prepared and hand-breaded in our restaurants every day, order your favourite Zinger chicken Burger or the Buffalo Twister Wrap straight through our takeaway delivery service. It’s an app the Colonel would be proud of.

Therefore, feel free to grab the new 8.4 update for the KFC mobile app! You know what they say that it’s the early bird that gets the worm!


Cristian Antonescu
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