Fortnite v18.30 Update Adds Mountain Base POI, Boogie Bomb, and New Weapons

Source: Epic Games

Epic Games has just released a new update to Fortnite, and we couldn’t be happier!

Fortnite v18.30 update adds loads of new content, including more Fortnitemares sleek items, a brand-new weapon vote, and the Redacted Bunker POI.

Curious to find out more?

We’ve compiled a great list of everything you need to know, including some bug fixes, as well.

Fortnite Update 18.30 Start Date and Downtime Details

Downtime for the Fortnite 18.30 update should start on October 26, at about 1 AM PST/ 4 AM EST/ 9 AM BST/ 10 AM CEST.

Usually, downtime lasts for around two hours, but that depends on how much content we’ll get.

Fortnite Update 18.30: the Mountain Base

What’s inside the Redacted Bunker? We’ve wondered what lies there for a while, and now we get the chance to see it finally.

The Redacted Bunker is a landmark at the Southeast corner of the map, somewhere near Catty Corner. Thanks to the Fortnite v18.30 update, Doctor Sloane has finally opened the bunker, unveiling a Mountain Base!

Check out MSF Happy Power’s Gameplay of the Open Redacted Bunker below:

Fortnite Update 18.30: Unlocking the Cube Queen

Source: Epic Games

The mysterious Cube Queen will be revealed as the Secret Skin of the Season 8 Battle Pass on October 26 at 9 AM ET/ 2 PM BST.

So, get ready for a new set of challenges to unlock the Secret Skin!

Fortnite Update 18.30: New Weapons

Tipsters have already spotted two new weapons in the new update’s files: the Icy Grappler and the Combat Pistol!

Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn’t confirmed when we’ll get them, but that should happen soon!

HYPEX posted on Twitter:

The Batman Who Laughs Arrives!

The Batman Who Laughs skin will be finally available in the Item Shop on October 26!

The new skin marks the beginning of the Batman/ Fortnite: Foundation Story, and it comes with quite the bundle, the Dark Multiverse Set, as follows:

  • a Pickaxe
  • Robin’s Perch Back Bling
  • Dark Days Loading Screen
Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Update 18.30: New Fortnitemares Skin

Fortnite v18.30 will also welcome the fourth and final week of Fortnitemares 2021. That means we’ll get more Halloween-themed exclusive skins and cosmetics. How cool is that?

Fresh leaks hint at the much-awaited Shadow Midas skin and a brand-new variant of Dusk.

Fortnite Update 18.30: Cube Town Becomes a Pyramid?

Popular tipster HYPEX said that we might see the Cube Town become a Pyramid:

Such a change might happen due to the Cube Queen’s effects that point to something dubbed Pyrmaid Tip. Epic Games didn’t reveal anything about that, so we better wait for official confirmation!

Fortnite Update 18.30: Boogie Bomb vs. Combat Shotgun

The upcoming War Effort vote will feature the Boogie Bomb vs. the Combat Shotgun. So, you better start saving up some Gold Bars!

The unique items are known for their ways of forcing opponents to dance for five seconds.

Fortnite Update 18.30: Shortnitemares Film Festival Release Date

Source: Epic Games

Shortnitemares will air soon, and it will feature several animated shorts based on the incredible goulish and sinister. How great is that?

Epic Games should release the official date this week!

Fortnite Update 18.30: Bug Fixes

The new update brings essential bug fixes for the following stuff:

  • Players can get stuck inside the vault gate in the Lab Dungeon (Save The World)
  • Using the ‘Smash Attack’ skill via the Sideways Scythe might result in fall damage
  • Error message right when trying to equip some color combination of Tricksy
  • The red dot indicator no longer appears on the compass when opponents are shooting
  • Trees don’t appear on Island Map (Creative)
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