Is Missing Based On A True Story?

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If you have seen the movie Missing, you will think about a crime documentary, but is it actually based on a true story?

This movie just made its Netflix debut, and it is a mystery-thriller film starring Storm Reid as a teenager who is sent down a disorderly online hole after her mom goes missing while on holiday with her new boyfriend.The film is a sequel to Searching, and Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick direct it.

Now, the moment of waiting. Is it or not Missing based on a true story?

Well, the answer is no. The movie is not based on a true story. The same can be said about its predecessor, Searching, a fictional film.Even if Missing is not based on a true story includes features and scenes inspired by the digital era we’re living in. Another reason it seems like a real story is that the movie is set on a computer screen, meaning it’s a screen-life movie with notifications for WhatsApp, social media playing through, and messaging.

Reid had a conversation with Screen Rant about the challenges of this format:

It was very challenging. I had never filmed something where it’s all taking place on the computer, so [there’s] different eye lines and making sure all the technical aspects were correct.

Other information that might be useful is the cast of the movie, so here is a list of the main characters:

  • June Allen: Storm Reid
  • Grace Allen: Nia Long
  • Kevin Lin: Ken Leung
  • Javier Ramos: Joaquim de Almeida
  • James: Tim Griffin
  • Heather Damore: Amy Landecker

Here is everything you have to know about the new Netflix movie!

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