iPhone 15 Will Feature WiFi 6E, but Not All Variants of the Device

Credit: Apple

As happens every year, Apple will release a new flagship smartphone in 2023 as well. All hints indicate that it’s safe to assume that its name shall be iPhone 15. However, you are free to call it anything you want after all, such as “my reason to skip class,” for instance.

It seems that the iPhone 15 will be leaving some of its features behind, as new leaks suggest that only the Pro models will support Wi-Fi 6E. This means that the regular iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus will be stuck with the less advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology.

While the release of the iPhone 15 is still a ways off, discussions surrounding the device have been heating up as more information comes to light. And it appears that the gap between the Pro and non-Pro models will be even wider this time around. The latest leak, from @Unknownz21 via MacRumors, reveals that only the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be equipped with the more advanced Wi-Fi 6E technology. Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus will have to settle for the less impressive Wi-Fi 6. This claim is further supported by additional evidence seen by MacRumors.

Will it be worth buying an iPhone 15?

It is currently not confirmed what specifications will be included in the iPhone 15 as it has not been officially announced by Apple. However, based on leaks and rumors, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 may have features such as a larger display, improved camera capabilities, and support for 5G connectivity. Of course, the latter feature is more of a standard nowadays rather than something outstanding.

At this point, we have no information about the prices of the iPhone 15 smartphone, but that will clearly change in the upcoming months. We can’t expect the devices to be cheap as chips, however.

Cristian Antonescu
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