iPhone 15 Could Come With a New Sony Sensor Twice as Powerful as the Existing Cameras

Source: PhoneArena

The new camera module in the iPhone 14 Pro versions was one of the key changes. Now, we don’t anticipate Apple to increase the megapixels again, but camera performance is highly expected and much-needed.

According to fresh leaks, the iPhone 15 lineup could feature a powerful Sony sensor to improve camera performance. Even if we’re probably still months away from Apple’s next iPhones, it’s good to have something to believe in, right?!

So, what’s there to expect?

Improved Camera and New Features: the New iPhone 15?

Based on Nikkei Asia’s report, Sony has come up with a sleek camera sensor that increases the saturation signal level by a factor of two.
Such a thing means that we’ll be able to get twice as much light as present sensors. The best thing is that the noise will also be minimized and the dynamic range upgraded. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Also, that will help with overexposure and underexposure, allowing the iPhone 15 camera to produce clear shots even in difficult lighting conditions, such as when a subject is in front of a strong backlight. How could a sensor do all of that?

Practically, the sensor will attempt to balance background and foreground exposure offering the best results!

And there’s more.

Instead of putting pixel transistors and photodiodes on the same substrate, the sensor will employ a revolutionary semiconductor design that can separate all of that into multiple parts. How cool!

Based on the report, Sony is not only creating this sensor technology for the tech giant based in Cupertino. It will also be distributed to other smartphone companies.

Finally, the new sensor technology may offer the iPhone 15 an advantage when it comes to the best camera on a smartphone.
The highest-end variant, rumored to be called iPhone 15 Ultra, could also come with a sleek periscope zoom mechanism for enhanced optical zooming.

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