iOS 17: a Smart Display For Your Locked iPhone is On Its Way!


As we grow so familiar, it would be hard not to discuss an Apple rumor a day, right?! A recent report outlines how iOS 17 could improve the display of locked iPhones. That would much be turned into a smart display we could interact with. I mean, Google has it already, so what would it take for the tech giant based in Cupertino to take a similar approach?! Let’s delve into tour first information on the iOS 17’s smart display.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new feature for iOS 17 that would transform the iPhone’s screen into a smart home-style display. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Gurman went on further by adding the fact that while the iPhone is locked and placed horizontally (that’s very specific!), the interface will start showing stuff about the weather, calendar events, and notifications.

What are your thoughts about such changes on iPhones? Do you think the iOS 17 will be the best software upgrade?

How will the smart display work on iPhones?

Based on Gurman’s findings, the smart display would be available for the lock screen widgets that Apple unveiled with iOS 16 and will display these widgets on a dark backdrop with a bit of bright lettering. That’s pretty sleek! So, practically, each time when we have our iPhones on our desks, the smart display comes in quite handy, displaying any alerts or future appointments.

At its WWDC in June, Apple is anticipated to introduce the smart display functionality along with iOS 17. In addition, an upgrade to the Wallet app and a journaling tool that encourages you to record your thoughts throughout the day are believed to be included in the OS.

Finally, Gurman also detailed how Apple is planning to add the smart display feature to the iPads as well as developing a magnetic attachment for the tablet. That will definitely improve our experience!

Georgia Nica
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