Anticipated Features of the Samsung Galaxy S24: Early Rumors and Wish List

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All the rumors about the Galaxy S24 series are collected here:


  • Design

We expect Samsung to continue offering the same three Galaxy S models, including the upcoming Galaxy S24. That would indicate that the new lineup would include a 6.1-inch base model, a 6.6-inch Galaxy S24 Plus, and a 6.8-inch Galaxy S24 Ultra.

One source, though, suggests that the Plus model may soon be extinct. According to sales data, the Galaxy S23 Plus is a niche product, with the vast majority of buyers opting for either the standard or Ultra models. That’s why it makes sense for Samsung to stop making its least popular model and instead concentrate on the two that customers seem to want the most.

However, this conclusion may be incorrect based on the data at hand. Roland Quandt, another leaker, thinks the previous source got the Samsung codenames mixed up. Thus, it’s possible that all three Galaxy S34 variants will still exist.

The Galaxy S23 series unifies Samsung’s three flagship phones by giving them all a camera module that is the same distance from the top of the device. We can only speculate as to how the Galaxy S24 series will develop in terms of aesthetics, but we can safely assume that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will retain their predecessors’ rounded corners and flat sides, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra will honor the legacy of the Galaxy Note by retaining its rounded edges and right angles. Technizo Concept, a render artist, has attempted to design the Galaxy S24 Ultra ahead of more specific leaks. It looks a lot like the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the camera module has been updated.

Display-wise, we anticipate AMOLED panels and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz across all three models, with a minimum refresh rate of 48Hz on the base model and Plus models and a more efficient 1Hz on the Ultra. If Samsung’s S22 series continues to set the tone, then this could be the case. Just like the standard and Plus versions of the S23 should have Full HD (FHD) resolution, the Ultra version of the S23 should have Quad HD (QHD) resolution.

  • Camera options.

In terms of the cameras, the standard Galaxy S24 models aren’t expected to undergo many changes anytime soon. It’s therefore safe to assume that the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus will feature the same four cameras as the Galaxy S23: a 50MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x telephoto, and 12MP selfie camera.

The 200MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, and 12MP selfie camera are all expected to remain unchanged on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S24 Ultra update may also affect the device’s 10MP telephoto cameras.

According to the leaker RGcloudS, the S24 Ultra’s telephoto cameras could get a longer zoom, improved optics, a larger sensor, and a wider aperture for brighter images. That could lead to an impressively variable zoom of up to 150x (the Ultra currently has a maximum of 100x). Like the Sony Xperia 1 IV, this would allow for variable magnification of the camera without resorting to cropping pixels rather than a fixed 3x or 10x zoom.

  • Samsung’s Galaxy S24 in qction

Hopefully, the latest Snapdragon chip will be included in Samsung’s Galaxy S24, as this has been widely speculated. If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will feature a significantly faster main CPU core for improved performance, just what we’d want for a new generation of Samsung Galaxy S phones. In this context, 3.7 GHz is not out of the question. A “For Galaxy” variant, similar to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy found in the Galaxy S23 series, could even boost its performance.

Another Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 leak appeared, suggesting a completely new core configuration and clock speed, throwing a wrench into those projections. (3.2GHz on the Cortex-X4 core). Further, it claims to have Adreno 750 GPU support, UFS 4.1 storage, and an X75 5G modem.

The rumor mill suggests that the Galaxy S24 will only ship with Snapdragon chips, which is good news for users in markets outside the United States. Previous Galaxy S phones’ disappointing Exynos chips meant that users outside of the United States were stuck with subpar devices, despite the fact that they shared the same internals.

Unfortunately, RAM is not likely to be upgraded. All models should still come with 8GB of RAM by default, with 12GB available on the Ultra tier. Without hearing otherwise, we can assume that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will come with 128GB of storage and the Ultra will have 256GB.

The battery capacities of the Galaxy S24 remain unknown. The standard Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24 Plus, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra all shared the same 3,900 mAh, 4,700 mAh, and 5,000 mAh batteries. Similarly to the previous generation, the standard S24 should be capable of charging at up to 25W, while the Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra will offer 45W charging. Nonetheless, it would be great if all devices could charge more quickly, especially since the iPhone 15 series is rumored to include USB-C.

  • When to expect it, how much it will cost

Predictions put the release of the Galaxy S24 series at a Galaxy Unpacked event in early 2024. Like this year’s Galaxy S23, which debuted alongside Samsung’s Galaxy Book 3 series, the new Galaxy S23 may also be featured prominently at the company’s upcoming event, but we expect the spotlight to remain firmly on the new smartphones themselves.Although the exact prices have yet to be revealed, we anticipate that Samsung will maintain the $799, $999, and $1,199 asking prices for the three existing models.

  • Expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S24

Models of Samsung’s Galaxy S23, even those that are compatible with 45W chargers, have among the slowest charging times of any recently released smartphone. It’s very helpful to be able to charge your phone from empty to full in about half an hour, and Samsung could learn from OnePlus and others in this regard to improve the Galaxy S24’s charging speed. Changing to 60West would be an excellent beginning.

  • Extra memory and storage space

The Galaxy S23 has some of the least generous default storage and RAM of any flagship smartphone. For those who prefer a smaller Galaxy S24 but still need a lot of space for apps, photos, and videos or more RAM for better app multitasking, having the option to specify more RAM is a plus, even if the default stays that low for price accessibility reasons.


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