Ghostrunner 2 Set to Release This Year and Introduce Cyberpunk Ninjas

505 Games

Ninjas, motorbikes, everything embedded in a cyberpunk universe filled with adventure and combat, all have the same name: Ghostrunner 2! A follow-up to one of 2020’s biggest games is set to be released later this year. Sony has just unveiled Ghostrunner 2 during the most recent PlayStation showcase, and it looks pretty sleek! The publisher has also made available a cool trailer of Ghosrunner 2 that highlights the cyberpunk backdrop of the game. Check it out below:

What to Expect From Ghostrunner 2?

The game’s publisher, 505 Games, claims that we will have to deal with more difficult challenges, more flexible and complex characters, and fighting parts, all with a bit of a Cyberpunk taste. And what’s really great is that all the dialogue options will let you understand the game’s universe better and get into the characters’ roles. Ghostrunner 2 actually takes place exactly a year after the events of the previous game. We will once again take on the role of Jack, only that next time when we’ll get on such an adventure, we’ll get to chance to experience more!

However, by far, the best thing is exactly what you’ve expected: you get to ride a sleek bike!

What are your thoughts so far about the Ghosrunner’s development and sequel?

First released on the PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch back in October 2020, the first installment of Ghostrunner was later on made available, too, for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in September 2021. Fast-paced, bloody action and a distinctive universe that combines post-apocalyptic themes with SF stuff turned Ghostrunner into an exceptional single-player experience that’s hard to forget (it may be all the gore parts). The game also offers quite the plot, presenting the tale of a world that has already come to an end and what it takes to survive.

Later this year, Ghostrunner 2 will be available on the PlayStation 5.

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