Instagram Is Adding New Content Filters And A Quiet Mode To Help Users Control App Usage

Instagram has changed over the last year, with a greater emphasis on its artists and increased user safety thanks to a number of new features. Now, the platform is adding a new Quiet Mode that will allow users to more effectively limit their time spent in the app, in addition to new options to filter material.

Credit: Instagram

When Quiet Mode is activated, the app will stop sending alerts and the user may focus on other things. There will also be a new status symbol for the user to indicate when Quiet Mode has been engaged. As an added bonus, when Quiet Mode is on, the app will respond immediately to incoming direct messages, informing the sender that the recipient is now unavailable and will not get any alerts from the app until they return.

The best part is that users will get a fresh message upon their return from Quiet Mode, highlighting any updates they may have missed. Instagram’s new Quiet Mode may have been designed with adolescents in mind, but anybody can use it to get some peace and quiet when they need it.

We initially reported that Instagram was exploring more filtering options for user-generated material this past summer. To give its customers greater control over what they view, the corporation has released some new content filtering tools. If a user chooses to hide anything in the Explore hub, the app will make an effort to conceal that choice anywhere it can.

It will also be possible for users to exclude certain types of information from the posts that are suggested to them by entering keywords, emojis, or hashtags. With the addition of the new Supervision Tools, parents will have more influence over their children’s Instagram use. Even though we’re only in the first month of the new year, Instagram has already introduced several helpful features. Following the development of the platform over the next 12 months will be fascinating.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.