Infinite Lagrange PC Edition is Now Available and It Looks Spectacular!

Credit: Steam

Since its release, the expansive sci-fi space simulation game Infinite Lagrange has consistently ranked among the top games in its genre. Now, it’s time for a new chapter!

The fantastic and ambitious sci-fi strategy game from NetEase is now available on PC with a number of aesthetic and technological improvements. The PC update includes improvements such as specular reflection, collision tracking, and frame rate boosts, among others. Are you curious about it?

Check out below all the details about Infinite Lagrange’s arrival on PC!

Infinite Lagrange Has Got a PC Version

Infinite Lagrange was turned into a PC game, and we already have high expectations!

A stunning and sleek sci-fi strategy game with a variety of aesthetic and technological enhancements will finally hit the PC ‘verse, as per developed NetEase’s statement. A few improvements in the PC update include frame rate boosts, specular reflection, and collision track. Quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Luckily, there’s more to dig into!

With the launch of a PC version, one of the biggest changes is definitely the graphics and, of course, the audio enhancements that contribute to a more immersive gaming experience.

But what truly shines is Infinite Lagrange’s sophisticated enormous battle, ship designs, and cultural viewpoint are what we currently ship! And did you know that the game now plays at 120 frames per second?! It’s flawless!

The great graphics are also enhanced by this new PC edition, and you can actually level up each facility to unlock additional benefits and get a better in-game experience. For instance, you could choose to upgrade your capital shipyard to enable the faster construction of a variety of ships and get totally blown up by that!

Infinite Lagrange is now available to download for free. It offers enhancements and cross-platform compatibility, which is really essential, enabling users to sync their progress across the game’s PC and mobile versions.

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